Hi. I'm Carolyn Jeffords and I am a graphic designer.

Helping non-profits is not only my niche; it's my passion. I love helping those who promote social causes and strive to create a better, more positive community and world.

I specialize in helping non-profit organizations create eye-catching designs and attract clients, sponsors, and partners through my 3 Step Eye-Catching Branding Process.

Let's work together!

Hi there, my name is Carolyn Jeffords, and I specialize in helping non-profit organizations attract sponsors and clients with my 3 Step Eye-Catching Branding Process.

Non-profit organizations approach me all the time, whether they want to promote an event, find sponsors, or bring awareness to their important cause.

But the thing is, they're frustrated when it comes to grabbing attention and really raising awareness in their community of just how important their mission is...

Especially when it comes to making themselves heard in their community, they want to make sure their online presence matches their company mission and deeply resonates with potential donors.

They're doing things like:

  • DIY marketing materials resulting in unprofessional branding
  • Throwing together a brochure on Microsoft Word
  • Trying to build awareness for their cause but going un-noticed

And trying to build awareness, create impact, and do this all yourself can be frustrating, inefficient, and costly.

I understand that your impact-driven cause needs to stand out online and represent who you truly are. I understand it needs to be perfect.

When we help you get your branding and online presence set up in a powerful way, you will be able to:

  • Confidently market yourself with a consistent brand identity
  • Look professional in print, online, and on social media
  • Attract clients, sponsors, and partners with your cause
  • Resonate with your community and drive awareness to your mission

That vision of impacting your community in a positive way? Your relentless mission to create lasting change? Let’s start by creating your foundation, and build a strong brand identity together.

Your non-profit deserves to be seen and heard.

And the best part?

My 3 Step Branding Process only takes 30 days to complete from start to finish. You are 30 days away from a beautiful brand identity that will garner attention from your target audience.


Make your cause seen and heard!


Tell me your dreams and we will work together to make your vision come to fruition.


I then sketch, build, and design your vision. I tweak until you are 100% satisfied!


Show off that re-invention!

I am always happy to help you change your community and the world for the better. Let's work together to make your cause seen, heard, and noticed.

Check out this PSA done for National Suicide Prevention Month, done for The Jonathan Foundation. Click here to take the pledge and Be THAT Friend.

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials!

"It is with total confidence and praise that I recommend Carolyn. She will never let you down and I cannot speak highly enough about her dedication to exceeding what is expected of her."

- Savannah Wright, Director of Communication, Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault

"Carolyn is awesome! We at The Jonathan Foundation LOVE her and her work!!!"

- Lynn Bulloch, President, The Jonathan Foundation

"Carolyn, you truly outdid yourself. It looks great! Thanks so much. You’re getting better and better and I love your work. […] I will really have my stuff together thanks to you!"

- Elleanor Starks, Founder, 100 Black Women of Funeral Service

Let's make your vision come to life!